Amarna Miller is known mainly for being an adult film actress. She gets nominated for an AVN award best female performer and also wins many adult film awards. She is also a producer, director and writer.

AMARNA: "My pussy pays the bills."

[interview.aldy kusumah / pics.stephen ruberto / September 2016]


Can we pretend that I've read nothing about you, and ask how you initially got into porn?

I've always been a very sexual person with a high libido so being a sex worker was something that I had in mind for a while, more as a fantasy than as something that could become real. When I turned out 18 I sent a lot of messages to different Spanish porn companies to see what they could offer me. What were their rates, what would I need to do...and I didn't like their answers, at all. The kind of scenes they were proposing were not what I wanted to do so the idea of being a porn actress disappeared from my mind. At that point I started my degree in Fine Arts and discovered what ended up being the passion of my life: photography. I started taking pictures of my friends, first nude and then more and more explicit. I was looking at that arty porn pictures and thought "This is what I wanted to do as a model!". But there was no one doing it, definitely. I thought about it and decided that there was a niche in the market, so I created the company I directed for five years, Omnia-X. Once I started shooting behind of the cameras it was very easy to give that last step and start performing also as an actress, this time with everything under my control, and following my own rules. I was 19. About a year and a half later an Australian company contacted me interested in shooting with me. I saw their website and I loved it. That was the first time I shot with someone else outside of my own company.


So you have your own production film company. Can you elaborate on that? 

I don't have it anymore (I decided to close it down 2 years and a half ago) but yes, I was the CEO of Omnia-X for about five years. The beginnings were extremely complicated, as in every startup, but step by step we started to be known and have a name inside of the Spanish porn industry. I still direct and produce on a smaller scale, principally for my own website 


You are nominated for Female Foreign Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards 2015, and also have success in the adult film industry by working with Bang Bros, Sex Art and others. What are your next and upcoming projects?

Yeah, the nomination to the AVN's last year was an incredible step in my international career. Being recognized by the most important awards in the industry (Something like the Oscars of porn.) was a shock, and also a huge surprise. My new projects are focused in improving my website and submit my work as a director to more festivals. I'm proud to say that huge distributors such as TrenchcoatX and Lust films are already selling my movies! Also, outside of porn I'm planning in publishing my second book at the beginning of next year, I'll also have my first solo exhibition as an artist and next month I'll be shooting my first conventional movie, "Contigo no, bicho". I'm also working hard in improving my public speech as I'll be doing a few inspirational talks about feminism during this year in Spain.


Now that you're doing a range of other stuff, like writing a book and photography, do people mostly still want to talk to about your past ahead of everything you currently do?

I have been doing the things you mention for a long time, but definitely people is more interested to talk about it now than before. I suppose the more time you spend as a public figure, the more people begin to be interested on other facets of your life. I don't consider pornography as "my past" but my present and my future. The same with photography, public talks, literature... Like everybody, I'm a complex person. My job is part of my life, but it doesn't define it.


So can you tell us a bit on how your poetry and photography book Manual de psiconáutica come to fruition?

My publisher contacted me at the beginning of last year with a proposition: to do a compilation of the best articles of my website and publish them as a book. Even if the project sounded amazing, I rejected it. I didn't want to publish again things that were already on the internet and available for everyone to read. But in exchange, I proposed him another idea... What if we publish a tiny book with a selection of the best pictures and poetries I've write lately? He said yes and that's how "Manual de psiconáutica" was born. I love to read and I've been writing since I can remember. Photography entered in my life later, when I was studying my degree in Fine Arts, but soon became a very important part of my daily life. I always have with me a couple of cameras (A disposable one, and a polaroid.) to capture the best moments of my life. It's kind of a photographic journal.


So you are you a big reader. What are you favorite books and who are your favorite writers?

Yes I am! Reading is one of my biggest passions. The last book I've finished is "The neon bible" by John Kennedy Toole, an amazing novel that the author wrote when he was only 16. My favourite book is definitely "The electric kool-aid acid test" by Tom Wolfe. It pictures a time on the U.S that I really admire, in between of the hippie revolution and the chaos of Vietnam. I also read a lot of comics and graphic novels, the last one I've finished is called "Los vagabundos de la chatarra" published by Norma Editorial. And now I'm in the middle of "Maus" by Art Spiegelman. 

So i've read that you support Uruguay ex-president Jose Mujica. We liked the guy too. What do you think of him and his policies? 

His politics are extremely open minded and he's a humble person, definitely an example of how good politicians still exist. Even after being elected president he decided to give away a big part of his salary, stay in the same tiny house and keep his old car. He is definitely an inspiration. 


Do you consider yourself as feminist? What are your thoughts in sexual freedom?

Yes, I consider myself a pro-sex feminist. For hundreds of years women have been oppressed in ways that we do not even understand. They have told us how we should love, how we should manage our sexuality and our desire. It is time to fully recover our freedoms, and one of them is the sexual one. Over my body, I'm the only one who can decide.


We’re wondering what kind of music and movies do you watch..

I really enjoy oldies. For a long time I only listened record vinyls that my father used to gift me: Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Supertramp, Dire Straits, Credence Clearwater revival, The Allman brothers band and Canned heat are some of my favorites. Since about a year I'm starting to understand and enjoy some indie and alternative contemporary music. For example the Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, Caribou or Grimes. Regarding movies, I love documentaries and alternative films. My favorite director is Gaspar Noé, specially with his amazing "Enter the Void". I also like Terry Gilliam, David Fincher, Cronenberg, Lynch... I don't watch T.V that much, but now I'm totally obsessed with the show "Stranger things".


Last one: Tell us some funny experiences from some of your adult film production shoot..


Once a bee entered the film set and the noise was so loud that we had to stop and capture it before continuing with the scene...It was very funny to see the actor, fully naked and with an erection, jumping on a table and trying to throw pillows to the insect!




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