20. KIMI NO NA WA / YOUR NAME (Dir. Makoto Shinkai)

Your Name is one of the best films we’ve seen all year, both animated or live action. This beautifully animated crowd-pleaser is filled with wondrous escapism and emotionally satisfying ride.


19. KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)

A psychological thriller fiick that features an awkwards sex scene from Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell in a necrophilliac role-play? From the guy who directed The Lobster last year? Fuck it, i’m in.


18. OKJA (Dir. Bong Joon-Ho)

The multi-genre Korean auteur is back again. After directing a monster flick ‘The Host’, some neo-noir (Mother & Memories of a Murder), and a dystopian thriller ’Snowpiercer’, he’s back with a film that will at least make us want to be a vegan (for at least 3 days). Now let’s join ALF.

17. THE SQUARE (Dir. Ruben Ostlund)

This film is like a big middle-finger to the art-world. Director Ruben Ostlund reminds us how a social-commentary film can also be very weird and darkly funny.

16. GOOD TIME (Dir. Benny & Josh Safdie)

A joy-ride from start to finish. A crime drama so raw we’re recommending this to anyone who liked Scorsese’s ‘Mean Streets’ or Nicolas Winding-Refn ‘Pusher’ trilogy. Safdie’s brothers pacing is so good and we never thought we’re saying this but yes, Robert Pattison is so good in this one. Respect.


This is like when a Coen Brothers film meets The Three Stooges, in a good way. A very funny crime-drama.

14. COLUMBUS (Dir. Kogonada)

Columbus is a minimalist masterpiece. In his directorial debut, Kogonada perfectly balances architecture, narrative and human drama. With his level of aesthetic precision, his future films will be very promising.


13. BABY DRIVER (Dir. Edgar Wright)

A very kinetic thrill-ride “musical” filled with killer soundtrack and off-kilter performance, Baby Driver is another gem by the talented Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz).

12. LOGAN (Dir. James Mangold)

Fox really experiments with the super hero genre with Deadpool as a dark-comedy, and the future New Mutants a horror with superheroes on it. In Logan, you will se a modern day noir-western that is so beautifully perfected with a gut wrenching finale. They finally nailed to do the right Wolverine film.

11. RAW (Dir. Julia Ducournau)

With the plot being “a vegan becomes a cannibal”, this one surely became one of our favorite body-horror cannibal films. Ah, the French done it again.

10. A GHOST STORY (Dir. David Lowery)

With pacing as slow as a mollasses. The film plays like watching a turtle walk from point A to point B, but amazingly done it very beautifully with striking cinematography and atmospheric score.

9. THE LAST JEDI (Dir. Rian Johnson)

This one is even better than Return of the Jedi. A great Star Wars film, even for the non SW fans. Go see the excitement on the big screen if you haven’t.

8. THOR RAGNAROK (Dir. Taika Waititi)

Even funnier than the original Guardians of the Galaxy, here’s a cheers for Marvel’s perfection in the superhero genre.

7. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (Dir. Kenenth Branagh)

Who doesn’t love a whodunit on a train? Based on one of the more famous Agatha Christie’s novella, this ensemble cast plays very well with Branagh on hel (and as a another great version of Hercule Poirot, but that’s the subject of another debate).

6. WIND RIVER (Dir. Taylor Sheridan)

A modern day western set in the snowy lands of Wyoming? Why not. This film deals with heavy subjects without preaching on it. Violent, brash and visually interesting. 


Francis McDormand best role since Fargo. This chaotic tale of a woman fighting the whole police department is balanced by the subtle drama and sometimes outrageous comical comedy. A fun watch, this one.

4. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (Dir. Takashi Miike)

Another one from Miike? Aren’t we tired of him already? No. THis one is actually really good samurai film, adapted from a chanbara manga. It will quench the thirst for you violent heads.

3. THE BIG SICK (Dir. Michael Showalter)

Here’s the kind of comedy the world needs right now: A relatable, dialogue-heavy and Woody Allen-esque rom-com. Hoping for more of type film in the future.  

2. SHAPE OF WATER (Dir. Guillermo Del Toro)

Another magical-masterpiece by the master storyteller Guillermo Del Toro. If you think Pan’s Labyrinth is excellent, then you should see this. This modern fairy-tale has great looking visuals and narrative that will swept us all away..

1. BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Dir. Denis Villeneuve)

Thought provoking, this may be the most important films in this list. This is the film of all films, a film that really gave us people a reason to go to the cinema. A visual eye candy, music score that gave goosebumps, and a theme that asks the question: “what does it takes for humans to be humans?”. One of the best neo-noir cyberpunk stories out there, there is simply no other films like Blade Runner 2049.


1. IT (Dir. Andres Muschietti)

2. HOUNDS OF LOVE (Dir. Ben Young)

3. HARMONIUM (Dir. Koji Fukada)

4. COCO (Dir. Lee Unkrich) 

5. DUNKIRK (Dir. Christopher Nolan)

6. GET OUT (Dir. Jordan Peele)

7. JOHN WICK 2 (Dir. Chad Stahelski)

8. SPLIT (Dir. M. Night Shyamalan)

9. THE DISASTER ARTIST (Dir. James Franco) 



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