Hannah Al Rashid is an Indonesian actress. She plays in Modus Anomali, 3Sum, & V/H/S 2. She's also a Pencak Silat athlete in England's national team.

HANNAH: “Beating up corrupt policeman & politicians is something a lot of us would like to do.”

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Hello Hannah! The first time we saw you was in Joko Anwar's slasher film, Modus Anomali. Your death scene is brilliant and gruesome. Are you a fan of slasher and gore films too?
I LOVE slashers and gory films! I guess I have a strong stomach! If you liked Modus you'll love my second film VHS2! I'm in the Indonesian segment SAFE HAVEN directed by Timo (Mo Brothers) and Gareth Evans. The gore in that film is NUTS!

What was it like filming a death scene? What did they use for fake blood?
The death scene for Modus was a very serious thing for me, I was afraid of it not looking real. So I asked the guy to strangle me for real and I decided to hold out on the pain until Joko screamed cut. It was so real that my neck was bruised and I lost my voice for a week after shooting! The pain was so worth it! It felt awesome to have really gone all out for it! The blood they used was actually quite sticky, not sure of the exact content but it smell sweet like cupcakes! So I loved it!

You are also a pencak silat athlete. How long did you study pencak silat? And do you love the grueling training process?
I started my silat career in 2002 when I was 16. I competed on the UK national team for 5 years. I love the gruelling training, especially when you're pushed on by the motivation of your team. Sometimes my big brother who was our coach used to hit my legs with bamboo sticks to check if my stance was strong enough, or he would make us do laps even if it was snowing in London! But I loved the feeling.

Like traditional Japanese Jujitsu, There are so many pencak silat school and types, like Minangkabau and Banten silat are different. What type of silat did you study? And what differentiate it from the other silat?
My silat school is called Gerak Ilham, it's a bugis Makassar style of silat cause my dad is from South Sulawesi. Traditionally, Bugis silat isn't particularly pretty to look at like Panglipur or Minangkabau silat styles, but it is effective and lethal. 

Ever gotten in a real deadly situations where you'd have to use those Silat skills?
Whenever I have gotten into a real life fight situation, I am always the first one on the scene ready to fight, but I am constantly being held back by friends hahaha.. To be honest the only time I used silat was when i'm on a bus in Jogjakarta when these guys tried to pickpocket me, I elbowed one and kicked the other then jumped off the moving bus.

That's sounds very badass. By the way, any new movie projects that we should know about? What are you been up to lately?
At the moment I'm still presenting and MC-ing whilst waiting for that prefect film role. Apart from that I really enjoyed writing, I'm a contributor for Jplus, the Jakarta Post weekend magazine. I write a lot about my experience living in Jakarta.

You post so many food photos in your instagram account. Do you cook as well? Can you recommend us some great spot to eat in Indonesia?
I do like to cook! Sometimes Indonesian food can be really unhealthy with too much santan and oil so I like to cook healthier dishes like what my French mama makes at home. I love indonesian food though, my faves are Bugis and Aceh food!! Bugis are the kings of seafood and mie Aceh and roti canai are superb in Banda Aceh.

Tell us a bit on your parts in V/H/S/2 and 3sum. What's your most favorite scene in V/H/S/2?
In VHS2 I play a producer for a documentary team who are doing an undercover investigation into a cult. We go in with good intentions but then some crazy shit happens! My fave scene was my last scene, I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched, but it is nuts on new levels! In 3SUM I play a badass assasin, a job I would love in real life! Beating up corrupt policeman and politicians is something I'm sure a lot of Indonesians would like to do too hahaha..

Your top 5 favorite films & Top 5 favorite books?
Top five films are La Haine, The Goonies, Amelie, Shawshank Redemption & Jeux D'enfants. My Top 5 books are Bumi Manusia dan Anak Semua Bangsa (Pramoedya Ananta Toer), Jalan Tak Ada Ujung (Mochtar Lubis), Wild Swans (Jung Chang) dan White Teeth (Zadie Smith).

What you've been listening lately on yer iTunes?
Been listening to loads of Brazilian funk! And my new fave artist Stromae, he's from Belgium and has super catchy dance tunes!

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