Rachel Goswell is a singer/songwriter who sang and played guitar/bass in Slowdive & Mojave 3, as well as recording her own solo records.

RACHEL GOSWELL: “I am so out of touch with current music.”

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From Slowdive to Mojave 3. Do You choose playing music as Your career of choice? What differs playing in Slowdive & Mojave 3?
Yes I did. They were completely different bands with different levels of maturity. I sang less than I would have liked in both so in that respect they were the same.

Slowdive has been one of the pioneers of the shoegaze/dream pop scene. What do You love about that genre?

I love that its still relevant today and that people still find inspiration in it.

There's even a new genre called 'shitgaze'. A mixture of shoegaze with noisy lo-fi garage music. Whats Your opinion about it?

HAHAHAHA. Shitgaze. Well what can I say about that? An interesting label, one which I am sure was used against us back in the day.

No, apparently it's pretty new and used by critics for bands such as No Age & Deerhunter..

I am so out of touch with current music. Am not sure I would really like to have that tag though but then I am middle-aged now.

Yes, that tag is pretty funny though, and also there's some bands that critics called "chillwave" Hahaha
Haha! Well chillwave is better than shit wave for sure!

Haha a wave of shit is too deadly! So whats Your weapon of choice, speaking of guitars & effects..
Ah now that would have to be my voice ;-)

Please tell us Your guitar effects and gear setups :P
Can't remember too well. Effects box Yamaha FX500, distortion pedal.. Erm.... Roland amp... Fender Telecaster... And yeah.. Shure microphone :p

What 5 albums that's currently, and always repeated, on Your iTunes or iPad?
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Of Monsters & Men - My Head is an Animal
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devils Tattoo
Jack White - Blunderbuss
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm

Have You heard the new MBV album? What's Your opinion on that album? Is it better than Loveless?

I have indeed heard it. It's great to hear them again. Is it better than loveless? I couldn't say. I love both records!!

How about the latest Neil Halstead album? Do You like it?
What I have heard I like yes. Still waiting for a copy...

Can you tell us Your favorite films that You play on Your iPad? :)
I don't have any films on my iPad. But my alltime favorite five films are:
Star Wars
Calamity Jane
Gone with the Wind

How about Your solo project? I havent heard of new materials since 'Waves Are Universal'..
Well I had my son two and a half years ago, so he has been my sole focus. But I will be doing a piece of music for something soon.
in between childcare. I will let people know the details when it is ready for listening ears :p

How's Your son? Your blog anexetermum.com is mainly about your son and some gardening right?

it is indeed. A bit of everything really. He is okay. Have given up with hearing aids now as found out he is completely Deaf! So are learning BSL and trying to make sure he gets all the support he needs, also many other issues to contest with but he's happy. He is a bit busy right now:


Haha he really looked like his mom. Glad to hear that He's happy and getting all the support He needs.
He is! Known as the sunshine boy amongst many professionals. This journey has been more life changing than anything else to be honestly.

My friend is a big fan of You & slowdive. She wants to know when You will come to Indonesia?
Ah that's nice. No plans to I'm afraid!

Last question, what's Souvlaki album is all about? Lyrically?

Well some of it is about the end of a relationship, I know that much..

The feeling of an end of a relationship is like being on a spaceship station? That's the feeling Souvlaki trying to captures?
I don't think so no! It was a pretty organic process of creation :)

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