Rayssa Dynta is a new up and coming singer who plays electro-pop music. She is opening for Homeshake concert in Jakarta on 19 January 2018. Her new debut EP "Prolog" is out now released by Double Deer music. 

RAYSSA: "Vulnerability is something to be exploited."

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Do you feel like you have a good understanding of who you are at the moment?

By name, of course. But it constantly changes and thats good bcs it means im growing (hopefully) for the better. Even I myself am sometimes surprised

How to spell your name?

I completely understand why its hard for people to spell my name right [laughs]. But i always feel like getting someoneís name right is important. Its their identity!!! In my case I once sewn my name into my shirt and where it every where just so its easier for everyone

Do people sometimes gets mixed out between you and Raisa because of the name? 

"Rayssa, ngopi yuk" was a hit when i first got into my first year of college. I got used to it [Laughs] but she ís someone to look up to i mean THAT VOICE. So it's ok

What excites you so much besides music?

Sugar. I eat sweets way more than I should. Or maybe food in general

When and where do you write your first song?

The first song I wrote is probably the one's I did in my parents bedroom, when I was still only 2. My mom caught it on tape and it was catchy.

Do you write on diary?

My planner is my diary. I tend to go back to the dates I think is worth remembering and adds the details of it later.

Do you see yourself as a rebellious spirit?

I might and might not be a rebel. It depends on what situations Iím in and most of the time I kinda am.

Why electro-pop music?

It's a middle ground between myself and my producer. And I'm open to it too

Is your song "Something About Us" tells the audience about your daily situation?

To put it shortly is about an unfinished business and I do think people can easily relate.

What do you want to tell your audience with your music?

"It happened to me too!"

What do you think about vulnerability?

Vulnerability is something to be exploited.  But it only works beautifully if the person her or himself wants it to. And what I learned, it is tricky.

Do you ever worry about people don't like your music?

I know itís bound to happen anyway and I respect everyoneís opinion. As long as itís not destructive and pointless I wonít mind. And feedbacks are good for u.

So you prefer to be sad when writing songs? 

Not necesarily sad, emotional

When are we going to hear your full album?

On jan 26th! Its an EP tho not an album.

How is it opening for Homeshake concert in Jakarta? 

It was such a warm welcome!

Last question: tell us 5 songs and 5 films thats been going on ur head lately? 

Songs: Passionfruit by Drake, Pool by Paramore, Fior di Latte by Phoenix, Los Ageless by St. Vincent, Guilty as Charged by Chairlift

Films: The Greatest Showman, the Stoker, Love Rosie, Coco daaan Jaws deh

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