Salvita Decorte is an Indonesian actress, who also does modelling and painting. She plays in the gore-thriller "The Night Comes For Us".

SALVITA: "I do like the feeling of being someone else."

[interview.aldy / pics.olen riyanto & rio prasetia / Oct 2018]  

I was hoping you get a fight scene in TNCFU. So what happens to Your character (Shinta) in your own interpretations?

Yeah hah! So was I! Well, Timo (the director) and I joked that she went off on the train back to her home town, Bojonegoro (!!!) to retrieve a shotgun Ito had given her. It will be called shotgun shinta haha

How often do you cry watching movies? What is the last movie that made you cry?



A lot. I went to go watch A star is Born and sobbed quite a bit!

So how does Timo first approach you? How do you land the role? 



I didnt meet Timo until the first reading where he told more about my character. I had taken a few months off after giving birth and TNCFU was the first thing i casted for after being vacant for more than 1 year. I flew in from Bali and did the casting and I got it! 

How do you transitions from dramas like "Mantan terindah" & "Lily: Bunga Terakhirku" to a fighting gore-fest like TNCFU?



Well to be honest, acting-wise i have learned so much since Mantan Terindah and i'm glad i'm finally able to land roles in movies i want to be in, like TNCFU. And transitioning is part of the job (if i can call it a job), it's also a lot of fun to be able to play different characters. 

You played in Halfworlds too directed by Joko Anwar. What is he like when he directs and on set? 



I learned so much from Joko Anwar. I was scared, nervous and simultaneously beyond ecstatic to have landed that role and have the chance to be directed by him. He made me feel comfortable and was very personal in his approach. He goes up to the actor and discusses the scene, and is there to direct you one on one. Of course i was still nervous as hell! Considering also that it was only my second project where i had a leading role and i was playing with the best in the industry. 

What kind of music do you listen to to get you pumped up before shooting your scenes? 



Depend on what scene it is. For some reason on my last short movie i was listening to a lot of Elton John Hah! But most of the time, it's a movie soundtrack and ALWAYS "Under Pressure" by Queen, but the Live one with Bowie!

What do you think prompted those awakenings in your art and acting? You started painting. Has that helped ease these changes you’ve been experiencing?
I actually painted long before i dabbled into acting.. I was never a good art student in school, in fact i got a C for my finals and i never was confident enough to take part in a school drama, until eventually i was forced to Play Gandhi's wife! But i always knew i wanted to paint and i wanted to act. Graduating school and being free from the idea of how i have to paint to pass the finals and my fathers passing definitely were big awakenings in my art. It took a bit longer for me to find confidence in acting or even going for a casting but eventually i got around to it, i had to kick myself in the butt and really force myself to take chances, and im glad i did! It wasn't easy, it still isn't! and there was a lot of times where i felt like crap and that is where painting came to the rescue because it really did calm me as it is my outlet for everything. It also helps when i go back home from a project where i had to play a certain character, just to snap out of it and be Sal again. 

Is it strange to look back on your films? It must be like seeing you became somebody else..
yeah it is and i'm not a big fan of watching myself on screen hah! I feel like for me it does more damage than good haha. I do like the feeling of being someone else though. 

What’s your secret to maintaining a youthful attitude?
No... Im flattered that you say i have a youthful attitude! haha after having a baby i surely changed a bit. What i like about kids is that nothing is right or wrong, what i mean is they would draw a yellow triangle and call it a flower or they would dig into sand because treasure is buried in it. They create things. And i don't ever want to stop creating things. 

Modelling, acting and painting gave you a lot of opportunities, but what is your ultimate passion/dream job? Are you trying to evolve and keep looking for new things?
This is my dream job and passion to do all three and possibly more! Maybe i'll find another passion, who knows! i'm always looking for new things to do haha! 

Why have you chosen acting as your new career of choice? I've always wanted to do it, it just took me awhile. I was always a shy kid but always dreamed of becoming someone else haha. So... acting ! 
What about your nervousness at photo shoots VS confidence as an actress? I would say i'm more confident on photoshoots than i am when i'm acting. But i've also been modelling way longer than i've acted and maybe thats why i prefer acting now because it still gives me the chills. 

What kind of film genres do you usually get excited to see?
Romantic comedies hah! also slow burning stories with good smart witty dialogue. I have to say since working on TNCFU  i've been more open to watching more gory stuff .

Do you  think it's unbelievable that women still have to fight for equality in 2018? 


YES . But we are fighting and no longer silenced.



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